SY Clothing Fit Helper Genesis 8 Male

SY Clothing Fit Helper Genesis 8 Male


Genesis 8 Male is massively backwards compatible, with clones going all the way back to the original Genesis! But using your content library can be frustrating when you can't mix and match pieces, or when familiar issues come up. Are you tired of distorted shoulders, clipping in the glutes and legs, general layering issues? Worry no more!

The SY Clothing Fit Helper is a set of morphs for Genesis 8 Female. You dial the morphs into the figure, and they project immediately into the clothing without affecting Genesis 8 visibly at all! You can use them to wear almost any set of clothing pieces together to create complex, layered outfits that look all new!

This male version also includes a simple bulge adder for older or female pants that don't have that "manly" look.

A .pdf manual is included and is linked from the Shapes/Clothing Fit Helper folder.

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