SY Clothing Breast Helper Genesis 8 Female

SY Clothing Breast Helper Genesis 8 Female


Clothing Breast Helper provides an elegant, streamlined solution to the difficulty of breast bridging with nearly any morphs. This set contains reverse projection morphs for Genesis 8 Female.

When you turn the dial on the figure, nothing happens to the figure itself, but there is an effect on the clothes. This set is specially made to facilitate any combination of breast morphs by combining the included dials. Default, small and ultra large breasts can all benefit from this set!

Not only does it work with the characters you have now, it will work with characters that haven't even been made yet!

Be sure to check out the strap width and strap lifters for situations where the outfit was on a male or on base Genesis first & it can help with unwanted chest deformation on tank tops and bras!

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