Dry Mud Desert Iray and Add-ons


This product adds Iray shaders to the original "Dry Mud Desert" set. 3 ground options are included. You can also choose from 4 HDR Skies/Sunlight render presets specially designed for lighting the Dry Mud Desert set. And of course, the included HDR environment presets can also be used as a light set for any other scene that you choose.

Please also note that my original Dry Mud Desert was published just some time before Daz 3D Introduced its Iray Render Engine for Daz Studio. Unfortunately, the special 3Delight ground shader that I created for the original product doesn't transfer well in Iray. So If you have the original product and have some problems creating your own ground shader for Iray, no problem, this new product provides dedicated Iray Shaders for everything. In addition it gives you a choice of skies, lighting and grounds.

Required Products: Dry Mud Desert

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