Nature’s Wonders Frogs of the World Vol. 1

Nature's Wonders Frogs of the World Vol. 1


This first volume of Frogs of the World expands upon the base model set by including 6 species of frogs found across the globe.

The Northern and Southern Leopard Frogs will be familiar to most Americans, being among the most widespread frog species found in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The South American, Giant Monkey Frog, found in the Amazon Basin, is well-studied in bio-medicine for its secretions that fight infection and offer pain relief. The endangered Iberian Frog, found in Europe, is a cousin of the European Common Frog, which has much flashier markings. Rounding out the set is the Asian Rice Field Frog, which is found from India to Indochina, and the Australian Great Barred Frog of the Queensland and New South Wales regions.

The set comes in two versions; a Poser version that supports Firefly and Superfly rendering (Superfly requires Poser11+) and a DAZ Studio version which supports 3Delight and Iray rendering.

Requires Nature's Wonders Frogs

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