Heroic Dynamic Wardrobe for Hercules & Swole 7


Conceptualized and textured by SimonWM and created by an Optitex experienced tailor from the fashion industry originally for the DAZ Freak figure. his classic versatile monster set of Optitex Dynamic Clothes have been rerigged and made available for the new Genesis 3 Hercules figure. This extra large dynamic clothing set is also compatible with Swole 7 at 110% scale. The capes and armbands also fit Nessus for Genesis 3 Male Centaur.

Dynamic clothes works quite different to conforming clothes. With dynamic clothes instead of relying on pre-made morphs for clothes fitting to different poses the software morphs the clothes to fit your pose on screen with a simulation that you run. This results in a custom made morph to the particular pose you have assigned to your actor.

Optitex Dynamic Clothes has a simple rig which results in a hybrid of conforming and dynamics that will allow you to simulate your dynamic clothes without the need of setting up an animation, unlike Poser's and other dynamics systems. Their very basic rig lets the clothes follow your pose but you need to run a simulation to make the clothes eliminate pokethru and drape around your figure's body.

Optitex Dynamic clothes are not compatible with Daz Studio Autofit. They may be adapted to different figures with different degrees of success using the advanced Dynamic Clothes plugin shrinking panel feature.

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