Swole 7 is a collection of HD morphs (body, face and JCMs) for Genesis 3 Males comprising a realistic bodybuilder character with as much detail as possible. It includes several number of correctors (JCM) also sculpted in HD that allow for an extremely natural posing of such a muscular figure.

A big muscular figure is a daunting undertaking, they are difficult to produce when targeting realism since a muscular body changes its shape dramatically depending on its pose. Even an excellent rig gives most of the times incorrect or insufficient details when posing such a large figure. Correctors in the base shape that may help in less muscular, less detailed morphs are not enough and the need to support the bends with several new sculpted details in HD corrector morphs that dial the new shapes is necessary.

For every Swole version produced I've strived to learn and improve, this time I decided to work from Genesis 3 Male base and go with a more realistic, less exaggerated approach. I'm sure you will find the results very satisfactory and I hope Swole 7 HD will become your go to figure when needing a superhero, a titan, a burly adventurer, a lover, a bodybuilder or simply the knight in shining armor ready to rescue your damsel in distress.

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