Z Two Floor Living Room and Poses



Immerse yourself in class, comfort and luxury with this brand new Modern Living Room Environment for Daz Studio Iray!

Z Two Floor Living Room is a modern design that will provide opportunities for a great range of render angles and a lot of variety!

Each prop can be loaded individually as well as the fast preload all, so you can make use of this pack in many different scenarios, with your own environment if desired.

This is an extremely high quality scene, with a focus on the details, so your renders can look fantastic close up as well as far away. It has been packaged in a way to make it very easy to use, so when you get ready to make your first render, it just works every time.


The poses have been made to fit the furniture and to compliment the scene. Use the Go To Poses and see how your characters easily snap into place! They have been individually adjusted for Genesis 3 Male & Female AND Victoria and Michael 7, so no adjustment will be required.

There are separate use anywhere poses included so you can make use of them in other environment's if desired.

The poses included were made to look lifelike and natural. Each pose was created with a focus on the little details such as lifelike hands, natural positioning and realism.

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