Worldbase-Xtreme is a totally new 3d world environment that installs within Poser and DAZ Studio. It is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you work and create from the very moment you first install it.

You will feel for the first time that you are truly working within an unlimited 3d app. The possibilities are endless, with huge cliffs, sweeping valleys, fantasy cities and much more. All these environments can now be comfortably set up in Poser or DAZ Studio with Worldbase Xtreme.

Imagine! it can house all those sets and props that you already have, plus figures and much more in a virtually endless and stunningly realistic 3d environment. It is capable of housing many villages, hills and valleys with long winding roads joining them, or even a large city with villages and scenery around it. The difference it makes is incredible.

3d World Kit users can use the cliffs and hills and virtually everything included the world kit within Worldbase Xtreme also.

WorldBase Xtreme displays crystal clear skies, hills and grounds because of the hi quality textures and unique mapping techniques that are used in its design.

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