Witchykin Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Witchykin Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


The Witchykin Dress and Hat have extra bones built in for additional posing of the skirt and the brim and top (or crown) of the hat. These body parts can be posed manually using either the MASTER dials in the MAIN section of the Parameter tab or by going to the individual body part and adjusting there.

The dress makes use of the smoothing modifier to ensure a good fit with the different body shapes and breasts morphs you may wish to use on your figure.  There are also Adjust morphs in the clothing should these be needed to aid in correcting the fit of the hat or dress. The dress has been rigged for a more natural looking draping of the skirt rather than just follow the figure's legs movement, pant-like, as is common with this type of conforming clothing.

The Witchykin Hat also includes Morphs to Adjust the Fit and shape of the hat. These morphs can be useful in fitting the hat over hair as well as in altering its appearance. There is also a Hat Hair Deformer preset included in the Deformer sub folder that may be applied to most conforming hair to help scale the hair parts underneath the hat from poking through.

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