Wild Grass Hyper Kit


Wild Grass Hyper Kit is an all new and optimized low-poly oriented grass product. It uses an innovative process of grass geometry reducing drastically the number of polys and points in the objects, hence a must have for every 3D Artist from entry level to advanced.

One of the main differences from the previous "Realistic Grass Evolution" product is the reduced number of polys up to 5 times less, making it easier to load and handle.

Includes several dozens of "Patches" Props to build new scenes or use in any other projects, or even to add and mix to the sets.

It is designed for versatile customization. Either to complement other scenes using the Props Patches or create new scenes with the Set's.

The Sets are organized in "Groups" for improved workflow, with polygons number on each object for better scene management. The first number of the Set's objects corresponds to the Base arcs being 1 the center number 2 the middle and 3 the hill.

It does not include the sky (HDRI) and the character. Everything else is included.

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