Wild Flowers – Water Plants vol 1

Wild Flowers - Water Plants vol 1


Over twenty highly detailed water plant models for your wetland, lake, river, pond, and stream renders (or even that bit of boggy ground at the edge of your render area)!

Materials created using texture maps taken from real life photos, and the Daz Studio Iray render engine to give you the best possible results! Species represened are Frogbit (Floating plant), March Marigold and Butomis (Flowering Rush) ( Marginal plants)

Both marginal and floating plants are represented in this bundle with both flowering and folage only models where apropriate. Simply load the model and place it either on the surface of the water or just below the water line for the marginal plants

A must have for adding variety and realism to your watery renders, perfect for ducks, fish or humans to swim, paddle or otherwise have digital fun in!

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