Whiskey and Smoke Tutorial Plus Props


Whiskey and Smoke is a 48-page tutorial designed to take you through creating a scene and rendering out a final image using Daz Studio and Iray. This tutorial is based on the main promo image and will walk you from the planning stages through postwork. The walk-through uses the included props, but can be done with anything you choose. Want flowers in a vase instead of a decanter? How about a cup of tea instead of a whiskey glass? Go for it! The tutorial still works.

Don't need a tutorial? Whiskey and Smoke also comes packaged as a complete product. You get a set of six different glasses, a 3-piece whiskey decanter and several material presets as well as an HDRI designed for those darker scenes.

Beginner to advanced user, Whiskey and Smoke has something you can use.

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