VYK Dolly for Teen Josie 8


Dolls are a favorite toy for children, but also have a darker history of holding the souls of the dearly departed so that we can keep them close to us forever.

Creepy or cute? Dolly will give you plenty of options to explore both possibilities.

Dolly is a life-like doll for Teen Josie 8 who comes with 10 eye color options, 10 full-face make-up options and 2 eyelash style options. Dolly comes with 3 base skin textures: default human, default human without genitals and ball joint doll, which allow you full range of possibilities and the greatest flexibility in your art.

Dolly's innocent face and make-up options that range from childlike to creepy are sure to inspire your creativity and make her a favorite in your library.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs, Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs, Teen Josie 8

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