VS Celeste G3F

VS Celeste G3F


Sabby and Vex are excited to team up again and bring you sweet, sexy, sassy, and sophisticated characters for your G3F base.

Celeste features high resolution (4k) diffuse, bump, spec, and SSS maps. She has 7 different makeup shades to mix and match with 6 different lip colors. She also has shimmery makeup effects that you can apply to any other G3F character of your choice. Celeste comes with a natural makeup-free base in the case that you wish to use DAZ's Layered Image Editor ( LIE ) to create an even more unique character.

Celeste's body shape was crafted by using dial presets from DAZ's G3F Body Morphs, as well as a bit of custom zbrush morphing to present a truly unique shape for your figure. If you're a fan of Bethany 7, You'll love Celeste!

This item contains:

- 6 Eye colors
- 7 Lip colors
- 6 Makeup colors
- 6 Makeup Sparkle overlay
- 1 Natural face option
- 1 Custom Face morph
- 1 Custom Body morph
- 1 Dial Preset for G3F Body Morphs

Requirements: Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs

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