Vivy Character and Hair Pack for Genesis 8 Female

Vivy Character and Hair Pack for Genesis 8 Female


Vivy used to be an ordinary girl until an ancient alien race invaded the Earth. She joined the Resistance and took weapons from the fallen aliens to fight for the future of mankind.

She comes with 15 Expressions, Fibermesh Eyebrows and a cute short hairstyle.

The hair has 5 bangs styles, 10 blow dials, 8 side styles and 3 full style presets. It uses color values to control the color rather than images and has 15 color presets with 7 additional options for Gloss, Translucency and Bump settings. The hybrid fiber mesh hair cap can be used with or without the main hair and shares the materials and settings with the hair for tons of combinations.

The Overlay makeups for Vivy also use color value to control the color. There are 6 makeup styles with 6 color presets and 3 strength presets so you can customize them to get that perfect look for your render.

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