Vinnuth Kriegor Barbarian Jewels for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Vinnuth Kriegor Barbarian Jewels for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Vinnuth Kriegor's Barbarian Jewels can be a complementary product to the Vinnuth Kriegor armor, to give it more versatility, and it can stand as a product on it's own.

This set has a cape mounted on a set of Orcish tusks. This cape is dForce ready, however, it is also rigged AND we added a few ready made windy morphs it. These morphs can be used standalone, or as a starting position for dForce simulation. Cape is also rigged with skirt-like dFormers offering three different ways to move, scale, tweak and adjust it to your heart's desire.

TEN earrings! Five on each ear (A-E). Two sets of earrings are dangles, and three are basic Barbarian, Orc or Pirate type rings. They can be loaded together or separately.

There are also two bracelets and two anklets in this set, made to match Vinnuth Kriegor Armors' necklaces. With these you can take these two sets and combine them into a classic Conan like barbarian look.

Textures in this set are made to mix and match with the Vinnuth Kriegor Armor set.

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