UltraHD Iray HDRI With DOF – Spanish Beach


Most Iray HDRi environments set don't allow depth of field use easily and DIRECTLY out of the box. This one does!

You won't have to tweak anything, all the presets are there for you to just click and render.

What you'll get is 1 ULTRA HD (up to 16K) custom made Environment, with or without Depth of Field presets.

This environment, shot on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, shows an unpopulated sunny beach.

This scene has barely any modern content so you can easily use it for any fantasy or medieval renders.

This environment is provided in 4 different resolutions, based on your needs and computer capabilities:

16000 x 8000
8000 x 4000
4000 x 2000
2000 x 1000

Each resolution is provided with or without Depth of field capability.

You can also used the DOF enabled environment and NOT activate the DOF of the camera for a 3rd and different effect.

You will also get:

12 Dome rotation presets (duf files) to change the background or the sun position based on your camera point of view.
1 Dof Enabled Camera Preset, Built Especially for Full Length Portraits (Duf File)
2 Bloom On/off Presets (DUF Files)
8 Brightness Presets (DUF Files)
5 Shadow Presets (DUF Files)
6 Vignetting Presets (DUF Files)
This just gives infinite possibilities!

Basically, based on your need, you click on the wanted resolution, you click on the wanted depth of field option, you click on the wanted Dome rotation preset, and you're good to render.

Take advantage of the HDR environment SPEED (versus full 3d environment which is way slower to render) with optimized Depth of field!

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