Ultra Genesis Studio Vol 1 – Iray Box Lights


Welcome to the first installment of Ultra Genesis Studio – Box Lights! So what is this all about? It's about LIGHT. With Daz Studio's Iray rendering we now have the ability to render in physically based environments. Ok, but what does that mean? Well it means that we can take lighting into the real world – with the correct tools and set ups we can replicate real world lighting. In this volume of the Studio we will be exploring studio style lighting with box lighting, light panels, reflectors/bounces, and more!

The basis of this package is the mesh light - Mesh lights are different from normal 3D based lights in that they have a physical presence in the scene and any light emitting from them follows the rules of the Iray Physically Based Render (PBR) Engine. Not to go into a long speech about the physics of light, but this allows us to use mesh lights to recreate types and styles of lighting found in the real world. For instance, consider a lit clear light bulb – light is cast by the light so it travels virtually in all directions. Now if you were to put a shade on the bulb then a good portion of the bulbs light would be blocked and softened. It is those types of interactions that make mesh based lighting such an exciting tool to have access to.

The mesh lights in the package are based around the box light design – A box like shape with a light source (or emitter) in the base. The Ultra Genesis Box Light has a collection of morphs to change it's shape, control the amount of light being allowed to escape the box, and basically change the entire style of the light.

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