Ultimate Pose Master


With Ultimate Pose Master you will be able to create poses or modify existing ones very easily and efficiently. Ultimate Pose Master is a powerful and flexible tool which can be used in different ways. It provides an optimized interface and unique tools dedicated to optimize your pose creation workflow, for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 figures.

You can choose to use it “only” as a synthetic and global interface gathering and giving you the control on all the rotations of all the bones, as well as the translations of the hip and the figure, in an organized way, with one Tab for each body area. The tabs are by default organized this way: Arms (includes Hands), Legs/Hip (includes Pelvis, Feet and Toes), Trunk/Figure, Head/Eyes (includes Neck), Fingers, General Options and Center of Mass.

But you can also choose to unleash Pose Master power, and to use Pose Master automatic control mechanisms too. In this mode, you can for instance connect the hands (the one(s) you want) and the feet (the one(s) you want) to scene objects called helpers. Using Pose Master interface, you can “dial” the position of the helpers along the vertical and the horizontal directions, and the helpers will move the hands and the feet exactly where you want. During this process, only the arms and/or the legs will automatically be posed, the rest of your figure will not be affected.

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