Ultimate Make-Up for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Ultimate Make-Up for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Never be stuck for the right shade of make-up again!

This comprehensive and realistic set of make-up can be applied to ANY Genesis 8 Female character and also most Genesis 3 Female characters which use standard UVs on the face.

It comes with 50 Eye Shadow colors, 50 Lip Colors and 50 matching Nail Colors. But that is just the start - there are adjustment options in the various categories to change gloss options, brighten or darken colors, fade the make-up for more subtle coloring effects, and apply tint adjustments to exactly match colors to your requirements.

There are 5 coverage options for each eye shadow - Full, Standard, Egyptian, Both Lids and Upper Lid only - and each comes with the choice to have blusher on or off. Blusher colors are pre-matched to the eye shadows.

Plus there are 3 eye lash mascara thicknesses and 14 different lash colors from conventional to wild! There are thousands of possible combinations.

The color choices have been based on real-life cosmetic ranges for maximum realism - plus a dose of imagination to achieve results which range from subtle to jewel-like effects.

Note that as this set uses overlays, you may need to use the fibremesh eyebrows with characters based on Victoria 8 and Olympia 8, and it is for Iray only.

This set exponentially expands the range of looks possible with all of your existing characters and will add drama and realism to your renders!

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