ULTIMATE Grass & Meadow Worldbuilder


3 billion effective polygons in one scene? Are you serious? And with hardly any slow-down in the viewport? How is that even possible? Indeed, it is possible!

Say hello to “ULTIMATE Grass and Meadow World Builder”---the most expansive and realistic grass construction kit to date. This package has everything: Grass patches (animatable), pre-built environments, terrain morph presets, 16k skydomes, outdoor light sets, 40+ material presets---even flying bees. And it is not only massive; it is also very low on resources, and easy to manipulate in the viewport. No super-computer needed!*

Plus setup is easy. Simply load one of the thirty pre-built scenes, or build your own scene from scratch using the individual components and terrain morphs. Mix and match morphs to create your own custom terrains to re-scatter onto, or scatter the patches on others terrains in your library (PDF user-guide includes recommended scattering plugin and instructions on how instance without slowing viewport performance). This package is ideal for all users at all experience levels. Truly, this is the most versatile and complete grass world-builder for anyone looking to build vast fields of grass. Lookout VUE, here comes Daz Studio!

And yes, the grass is fully animatable! Simply drag the iREAL aniblocks (sold separately) onto the grass objects or bees, and press play. It’s that simple. Instant animated grass and bees!

PDF Manual Includes:

- Instancing without slowing viewport performance
- Recommended instancing plugin
- Loading terrain presets and pre-built scenes
- Making custom terrains using morph sliders
- Re-scattering grass on custom terrains
- Camera angle guide explanations
- Building your own scene from scratch
- Easy 1-2-3 setup instructions

*Recommended GPU: 970 or greater. For slower GPU’s, simply hide grass objects from view until ready to render.

*Recommended scatter plugin (for scattering on custom terrains): see PDF User Guide

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