Ultimate Freckles for Genesis 8 and 3 Females and Males


Ultimate Freckles creates amazing detail and variations for any Genesis 8 or Genesis 3 skins - male or female. There are 8 densities ranging from just an occasional freckle up to a high density coverage. These can be used all over, or with separate contours applied for both face and body to show the freckles on areas where they are most likely to occur in real life. The freckles can also be stacked, with a low density All Over paired with a contoured high density preset being a particularly effective combination.

By default the freckles do not apply to the lips but I have included presets to include them if that is what you want. You can also reapply the same preset twice to get a stronger effect. Ultimate Freckles uses the Layered Image Editor (LIE) to ensure that freckles can be applied as well as make-up and other effects which may already be using the Diffuse Overlays from other products within Daz Studio to ensure maximum compatibility.

Freckles occur most on pale skinned people in real life, but thanks to the approach taken, Ultimate Freckles can be used on any character and skin tone, male and female and will look great.

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