Ultimate Eyebrows for Genesis 8 Female

Ultimate Eyebrows for Genesis 8 Female


Eyebrows can define or seriously alter the look of a character, but most characters only come with one set. With Ultimate Eyebrows, you can add a huge range of realistic fibermesh brows to increase the choices that you have for your Genesis 8 Female characters.

Each eyebrow model consists of a realistic number of 3D hairs - and these are properly modeled with volume rather than just being a 2D strip, so they interact better with lighting than any other fibermesh eyebrows that I am aware of. There is also a base layer which is used to mimic make-up color being applied to the brows.

As well as containing 50 eyebrow models, which faithfully follow every expression and morph applied to your model, there are also 30 different colors for the brows including realistic and fantasy shades. As if this wasn't enough, there are also morphs to change the hair thickness, an offset morph for the exceptional case that the default conforming doesn't quite cover the whole brow, and material settings to darken or fade the brows for a finer look.

You can use these eyebrows on any Genesis 8 Female characters that has no brows on the base face maps, or you can edit the maps yourself to clone out the mapped brows. It is also the ideal companion to my Ultimate Make-Up set to add a choice of brows as well as a choice of make-ups.

Can be used with all Genesis 8 Female characters, now and in the future.

All presets are hierarchical, meaning that you can change all brow settings while the parent figure is selected, no need to select the brow model.

Enhance your existing characters to give them a unique look with a new set of eyebrows!

As a bonus, I have included a Material set which uses the Genesis 8 Female base maps, removes the eyebrows and also applies iRay SSS using the latest iRay developments to give a stunningly realistic base on which to work.

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