Ultimate dForce Bed


Ultimate dForce bed is a modular bed platform with multiple bed bases, a mattress with pillows, and a Physics-driven dForce duvet/comforter. This set is compatible with all figures, all generations, all poses and all morphs. The dForce driven Duvet/Comforter can also be used in circumstances other than the given beds. You can either build your own bed out of the modular pieces available or use a pre-made prefab.

Using Ultimate dForce Bed is as easy as loading a bed, posing your character, hitting simulate and you're ready to render. You are also supplied with a suite of corrective morphs to fix any minor clipping or poke-through that may occur when the Duvet is bent at extreme angles.

A vast range of color, texture, and material options are available to you for the multiple modular parts in the set, ensuring you never have to use the same bed twice.

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