UHD Minerals – Shaders and Merchant Resource

UHD Minerals - Shaders and Merchant Resource


UHD Minerals is a batch of seamlessly tiling stone textures with materials for Iray which feature real-world sources and two fantastical variations for each.

Featured in this set is a special shader that doesn't use UVs for texture mapping. This allows you to apply these presets with desired results to objects without any UVs, or ignore existing UVs entirely.

Along with the 75 different texture options, you'll find a suite a modifier presets which alter things like surface luster and roughness. Use some polished stone as jewelry or jagged presets for broken edges. Alter surface hardness to turn any material into soapstone with accurate SSS.

All of the included 4096x4096 seamless textures maps can be used as a merchant resource for your own projects. These were created from high-resolution scans of a personal collection of samples.

Please note that the seamless mapping shader is not part of the merchant resource.

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