Tyrannosaurus Rex 3 Expansion

Tyrannosaurus Rex 3 Expansion


The Tyrannosaurus Rex 3 Expansion brings a lot more versatility to the Tyrannosaurus Rex 3 product.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex 3 Expansion includes:

- 3.1 Morph (brings out more details)
- 3.1 Feathers
- 8 new full-body poses
- 46 partial-pose collection to allow you to quickly create and edit poses
- 5 new skin color options
- Each skin color has 2 additional bloody textures
- 4K & 8K Texture options* (details below)
- Meat Chunk add-ons

*4K & 8K textures does not represent all textures being used on the model. The model is made up of multiple UV maps, all using 128 to 2K size textures except the main body which utilizes 4K size textures. The 8K texture option only switches out the Base Color and Normal Map with 8K textures which are used for very close-up shots.

Required Products: Tyrannosaurus Rex 3

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