Trident Bikini for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female

Trident Bikini for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female


This hot outfit for the Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female brings you a Top and Panties Bikini set with lots of textures and morps:

- Top for Genesis 8
- Panties for Genesis 8
- Top for Genesis 3
- Panties for Genesis 3

Lots of physically based texture sets for IRAY:

- Four texture sets for artificial leather: black, blue, red, white
- One texture set in Camo style
- One texture set glittering gold
- One texture set black leather with shiny metal applications
- Two real leather sets with pins: black, white

Due to the nature of the texture sets, adjusting the basecolor (especially on the white sets) leads to many more variants.


Include several corrective morphs for different body types and sliders, as well as several pose morphs for further adjusting or undressing:

- Frame Breasts
- Open Breast Left
- Open Breast Right
- Undress Left
- Undress Right
- Undress Upwards
- Undress Pose 1

- Distance Front
- Move Front Left
- Move Front Right
- Pull Band Left
- Pull Band Right
- Undress Pose 2
- Undress Pose 3
- Undress Pose 4


4 partial poses matching the undress morphs

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