The Universal Weapons Prop and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8

The Universal Weapons Prop and Poses for Genesis 3 and 8


The Universal Weapons Prop is a simple prop that acts as a host for other weapons. Instead of having to have a separate copy of every pose, for each weapon in a set, or having to pose the hands yourself when using unsupported weapons, you can now parent the weapons to the Universal Weapons Prop and use them with the poses in this set and poses from other sets via the included hand poses. The Universal Weapons Prop is designed for use with swords, knives, spears, staffs, clubs or other such weapons. You can parent as many weapons to the Universal Weapons Prop as you want and swap them as you please in your scene. Also, you can also flip, rotate or translate the weapon in the figure's hand with ease and simplicity. Please see the included users manual for details.

Included in the set are 23 full body poses. Poses 07, 12 and 17 have two versions. There are also 23 upper body poses and 20 lower body poses so you can mix the poses as you please. All poses have mirrored versions. There is also 8 left and right-hand poses. 4 of the poses are for use with the Universal Weapons Prop and 4 are not so you can easily modify the poses even more. All-in-all, there are 120 poses total per figure.

The weapons in the set are Laser Sword 3 and Laser Staff 2. Each has the laser blades attached and has a pose control for extending the blades. There is a material preset for each one plus 7 material presets for the blades to make them glow. Each blade material preset is color-coded in the scene so you will know what color it will emit. There are 6 bloom settings, and a bloom off included to give the blades that sci-fi glow. Additional presets included can be used to make the laser blades visible or invisible and to flip the weapon in hand. Presets for loading each will automatically parent them to the Universal Weapons Prop if it is selected in the scene. The laser blades are not visible in a dForce simulation.

For customers who own "Laser Swords and Poses 2 for Genesis 3 & 8" there are two bonus presets included. The first bonus preset will add the Laser Sword 2 to the Universal Weapons Prop so you can use it like it was part of this set. The second load Laser Sword 2 as a host for the Universal Weapons Prop, so you can use the weapons from this set, or other weapons, directly with the poses from "Laser Swords and Poses 2".

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