The Neighbour’s Yard


There's all this talk about the attack on the middle class, but instead, let's celebrate it with this classic "Middle Class" suburb. Maybe it's a bit of nostalgia, a throw back to simpler times, but somehow it still feels familiar.

The people who lived here were hardly rich, but they got by on hope, love and a smile; oh yeah and plenty of hard work. Maybe Gramps kept a garden in the yard, pruned a few saplings hoping they would bear fruit. A place where neighbours knew each other and kids played together. There was always a car getting fixed in a neighbour's yard.

Perfect for recent history and modern day renders, The Neighbour's Yard is a traditional suburban North American multi backyard environment for both Poser 8+ and DAZ Studio 3.1+. Each property has a fenced in area, a single storey bungalow with shingled roof, chimney and eaves troughing. The back doors of these homes face each other with a back porch, railing and stairs descending to a small patio below. Three of the properties also have long driveways and two have detached garages. Additional detail props include analog antenna towers, hydro/tele/electric poles with cables, rusted outside oil tanks, wall mounted electric meters and fencing. Plenty of material zones offer artists the options of customizing the environment.

These lots are spacious, with plenty of area for future renovations, additions, tool sheds and toys. Perhaps someone might even find room for that hot tub bought a few months back. There is a full Neighbour's Yard scene load, as well a 6 partial loads, that allows you to incrementally build up the scene to help save on resource space; only load the areas you need for the shot.

Background 'trees and bungalow' billboard props are also included to fill up the distant horizon line. There are three sky backdrops included to get you started.

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