The Nameless Place


No one knows the true origin of the place. It had always been there as far back as history could recall. No one knows the real purpose of the place either. Nothing living has ever been found there by those daring enough to enter. Nothing living. Countless bones are scattered about, no one knows if they are from the original occupants that have been long gone, or those daring enough to enter that never left. And the greatest mystery of the place, this Nameless Place, would be the strange, yet beautifully crafted, iron cages, if that's what one would call them. No one knows the purpose of them either. Three sided with no form of door to open them, yet there are bones of ancient prisoners still lingering in them. Or maybe the bones of those daring enough to enter. Are you daring enough to enter the Nameless Place?

Using sophisticated tiling UV's, the Nameless Place will look great in your renders while keeping computer resources low. Almost all the materials in this prop set seamlessly tile, allowing for smaller textures maps while remaining high in texture resolution. This combined with light poly models, The Nameless Place will be a great asset to your runtime for quick, high quality renders without the fuss of system slowdown.

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