The Modular Lounge


Located in a magnificent Arctic style 3D scenery, the modular lounge is a complete interior and exterior environment opened every day for your Iray and 3Delight renders.

All materials and lights have been optimised for great renders with both render engines. Each module of the modular lounge will be useful in your renders : the high resolution night time and daylight environments can be used stand alone, the building structure alone is great for any modern and futuristic scene, and the furniture can be re-used in any other scene.

The modular lounge includes full presets for immediate rendering, as well as individual elements and group of elements for complete scene customisation. The modular lounge full presets consist of three main interior areas with furniture, joined by a corridor, with lights and materials corresponding to three different moods : neutral, warm and cold ambiance.

The morphable main structure and furniture of this scene, as well as many material and shader presets, give to this lounge an incredible flexibility for any modern, futuristic, and sci-fi scenes.

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