The Garden and World Project

The Garden and World Project


This is a complete and lush world building setup with preset scenes. Choose from already setup Preset Scenes, or you can create amazingly realistic scenes yourself that is complete with trees, paths, grass, rocks, plants, flowers and much more.

Everything is provided in this pack - It's not reliant on any other product, but it can be used with any other architectural or fantasy product as an environment. It is compatible with 3Delight and Iray.


- Landscape Scene
- 01 Setup Scene
- 02 Portrait Scenes
- 06 Fully set up Scenes ready to go
- 42 Different Scene Items to use to create endless Scenes of your own creation. Includes Bushes, Grass, Flowers, Plants, Trees, Landscapes, Bridge, Barrels, Stone Path, Rock Garden, Posts, Pool and Vines, Stones and Vines and more.
- 12 Sundial Setups [Iray only] that control the physical Sun for ultra realistic world simulation.
- 03 HD Environment Skies

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