The Daily Routine Office


This is a set of light-weight models to build a "common" modular office setting. A full office set is included which includes a conference room, 16 cubicles (comprising overhead cabinet, light fixtures, flip-up power outlets, and name plates). The set includes the individual props and prop-sets to make a custom configuration: ceiling panels, floor panels, wall sections, cubicle pieces (plus sets for a 1 cube, 2 cube, and 4 cube configuration). Props include morphs to adjust sizes in logical steps, so that textures aren't "stretched" when you adjust a prop to a standard morphs adjustment. There are scene subsets that group normal ceiling panels with emitting panels that allow lighting the scene with emitting props by applying appropriate transparency maps to the ceiling panel (included material presets offer 10 ceiling panel light configurations).

Also includes a .psd file for creating name plates with your own names using the included background texture.

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