The Base Camp Bundle

The Base Camp Bundle


This pack lets you build as many military base as you need! Each part includes a fully-built base camp of grouped items which you can ungroup and save separately as you like. Take the individual objects and create your own base.

The Base Camp part 1 includes wind turbine, Gas Station, modular fences (left, right and corner), 7 various Lands, garden fence, flag, barrier, power pole, Housing 4, housing 5 and Post Office.

The Base Camp part 2 includes housing 1, housing 2, housing 3, Hangar,  Guard Post, water tower, modular fences (left, right and corner), 7 various Lands, power pole, Clothesline, Trash Can.

Plenty of detail lets you take advantage of a multitude of locations for your camera! This base camp is ideal for military and scientific scenes both old and contemporary

Note: All of the base camp (part 1 and Part 2) includes many polygons, so may tax lower spec systems.

This Bundle includes:

- The Base Camp Part 1
- The Base Camp Part 2

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