The Aquila Ensemble for Genesis 3 Female(s)

The Aquila Ensemble for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Arki and Shox-Design present their newest creation: the Aquila Ensemble!

This set comes with a whole clothing collection - two skirts, a corset, bracers, chest drapes plus two pieces of underwear, matching the styles of the outer wear. All pieces can be mixed and matched to work together and achieve your very own unique looks.

All pieces come with a number of style and adjustment morphs. The two skirts sport control dials to regulate movement of the lower shin parts of the skirts. The chest drape has similar controls to allow you to move the back fold piece separately.

Wearable preset for a few of the possible outfit combinations are included, along with eight full texture sets ranging from Celtic themed with beautiful metal embossed patterns to full metal materials for the "armor" pieces of the set and rich fabrics for the skirts.

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