Tentacle Kit Bundle

Tentacle Kit Bundle


Tentacle Kit Bundle Includes:

Tentacle Kit Pack 1
Tentacles to plague your victims. This pack of 5 unique easypose and standard bending tentacles are sure to boost your collection to a new level. These tentacles are true hentia style works of horror.. I mean art.

Tentacle Kit Pack 2
the TENTACLE PACK 2 features 5 true style tentacles with Easypose and Standard bending options. High resolution textures, bump man and displacement maps bring out the true beauty.. and horror.

Tentacle Kit "Core Pack"
The Tentacle Kit "Core Pack" Cave of Horrors is a base set of figures to get your skin crawling, litterally. The Core pack contains a cave, some crawler, egg sacks, vore pit and more!

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 5+ compatible
Utilizes bump and displacement maps
Firefly render engine recommended.
Should work in DazStudio with minor texture adjustments.
Not Tested in DazStudio

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