Teen Princess Leila for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Teen Princess Leila for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Say hello to Princess Leila, a graceful young adult woman with a delicate frame and soft feminine features. You will not find another one like her.

She has been custom sculpted by hand upon the Genesis 3 base to give her a unique and magnetic appearance. Her long slender hands and feet add to her elegance, which complement her thin and elongated neck. And her eyebrows (yes those are real eyebrows!), intentionally full and long, help give her a more youthful appearance. And not to mention her skin---so soft but with richly detailed features, thanks to the included sub-dermal layer.

Months of painstaking work went in to creating her. If you're looking for a character with that special something that makes her stand out from a crowd, you will definitely want to add Teen Princess Leila to your library.


- Real Eyebrows -Thick & beautiful, made with individual strands of hair.
- Sub-dermal Skin Layer- (with veins and other subsurface details)
*Optimized for iray, but also convertible for use in 3DL

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