Teen Males – Shapes for Genesis 3 Male

Teen Males - Shapes for Genesis 3 Male


Teen Males - Shapes for Genesis 3 Male

Need some teenage male characters? This product comes with 6 different teen male shapes (body and face) for Genesis 3 Male.
Whether a husky 17 year or a slim 14 year old. These shapes offer a wide variety of teenage boy shapes.

All shapes are based on the Genesis 3 Male Figure. You can apply any material and texture that is compatible with Genesis 3 Male.
Since the shapes are based on Genesis 3 Male you can use any morph that is made for Genesis 3 Male to make your character even more unique.

Use the shapes as they are or as a base for further adjustments to create your characters.

This product only contains the shapes (body and face). Skins, textures, hair etc, are not included.

Requirements: Male Body and Head Morphs

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