Tara 2 HD for Victoria 7 & Victoria 8

Tara 2 HD for Victoria 7 & Victoria 8


Tara 2 is an HD character for Victoria 7 and Victoria 8.

It comes with a Human and Evil skin. Several make-ups. Specific morphs for the Evil like Teeth, Brows, and Torso.

Also, there are accessories. This time there are not 1 type of horns, but 4. So you can mix and match them. A new tail. And now she's got wings.

That's not all! As an added bonus, all of the Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s) accessories (Horns, Tail, Wings, and Spikes) also work for Genesis 3 & 8 Male(s).

Required Products: Victoria 8, Victoria 7

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