SY Splats, Drips and Splatters for dForce


Whether you need blood, paint, milk, alien goo or whatever sloshed around your scene, these 61 props are here to get it done. You can use them as-is to place on flat surfaces or sim them with dForce (each is already prepared to sim) to drape over objects in your scene for unprecedented realism and interaction. There are splashes, drips, smears, drops, footprints, handprints; you name the thing you can do with paint, it can be done with this set.

There are 31 shader presets for tons of colors, plus translucency and gloss options.

All transmaps were made from scratch from paint dribbled on poster board, photographed, and edited into transmaps by the artist.  Not a single one can be found in any other set; the content of this product is entirely new.

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