SY Fast Lights Iray HDRs


No muss, no fuss, just great lights fast!

These presets for rendering in Iray give you easy-to-use, pro-quality lighting options with the minimum of clicks! No time to worry about lights? Use one of these all-new HDRs! Want to make things fancier with skin? Use the Sunny 16 tone mapping and one of the Skin Arrays, boom, done!

If you want to refine things even more, you can add key or rim lights, or add bloom to your scene with one click – but you don't even have to do that. Just the included HDRs do an excellent job lighting all on their own.

Here's what I did for each of my promos (all used Bloom):

Main (lingerie lady): HDR 04
Popup 01 (Shen in boxers): HDR 01, Sunny 16 tone mapping, 3 Pt Bright Skin Array
Popup 02 (Pix Cypher cyborg): HDR 09
Popup 03 (woman with two swords): HDR 05, Key Light L, Rim Light R
Popup 04 (loincloth guardsman): Sunny 16 tone mapping, HDR 02, 3 Pt Bright White Array
Popup 05 (vampire woman): HDR 06
Popup 06 (white-haired albino man): HDR 07, Key Light L, Rim Light L
Popup 07 (loincloth lady): HDR 08
Popup 08 (forest elf): HDR 10, Distant Sun

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