SY Fantasy Wear Megapack Genesis 8 Female(s)

SY Fantasy Wear Megapack Genesis 8 Female(s)


Much more than a belt or skirt with flaps, a loincloth is a useful, flexible item for many situations, whether it's action scenes where you need movement flexibility, promos that need to show off your custom skins, or just fantasy scenes where you want to have something attractive and easy to use. And of course if you have a loincloth you need a matching top and panty!

This set includes sylvan looks, royal looks, and light and dark versions that are great for your priestess or sorceress. All kinds of mages, rangers and primitive tribal warriors will be dressed to kill in this great set of four loincloths, four bras and a pair of panties with textures to match all of it! Your nymphs, dryads and fairies can all find something to wear in this set.

Not only that, but every loincloth has morphs and pose controls to make posing easier in every scene. When you need a loincloth, g-string or breechcloth for Genesis 8 Female(s) with a matching bra, you need this set!

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