SY dForce Roman Clothing Pack Genesis 8 Female

SY dForce Roman Clothing Pack Genesis 8 Female


Now your Genesis 8 Female characters can dress in the elegant draped clothing of ancient Rome! Balancing flexibility and accuracy, these pieces fit into all kinds of scenes, and with realistic dForce draping they will look different every time you use them.

This set contains a Roman chiton, a dress fastened at the shoulders; a short tunic; a palla, a wrap that hangs over one arm; a toga, which was worn by respectable ladies early in the history of the Roman empire and by ladies of ill repute later; and a more fantasy-like bra and loincloth with matching textures and trims.

Tints intended to match the dyes available at the time are included, and a border in black and metallic gold (gold decors were worn by the aristocracy). There are also equestrian and senatorial stripes, included for the look although they were generally restricted to men.

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