SV’s Reflections Floor & Iray Shaders

SV's Reflections Floor & Iray Shaders


SV's Reflections Floor Prop & Iray Shaders


- 01 Floor Prop with 03 Trans map options for soft edges, softer edges, and hard edges (trans off)
- 02 Utility Poses for Ground Shadows ON and Ground Shadows OFF

- 08 Glass Iray Shaders
- 08 Wood Iray Shaders
- 08 Tile Iray Shaders
- 08 Marble Iray Shaders

- 32 Iray Shaders Total for the floor, or any surface

- All Textures are 3000x3000
- All Textures are Seamless Tiles
- All Textures can be used as a Merchant Resource

- 04 Bump Maps for square designs on Glass
- 08 Wood Textures & matching Bump Maps
- 02 Marble Textures
- 08 Tile Textures & Matching Bump Maps
- 02 Trans maps

- 38 Textures Total including Trans Maps & Bump Maps


This product features a quick prop floor. Just add the floor to your scene and choose your shaders, you will not see any reflections, unless you place a figure or another prop on top of the floor. If you render with DOME ON you will see some reflections in the floor w/out a figure, bounced off the dome image. (HDR image) In all of my promos I have used SV's INTENSITY Light sets with the DOME ON setting, giving a nice soft background and reflections on the floor. You will also find 02 utility poses, for Ground Shadows ON and Ground Shadows OFF. All promos are rendered WITH Ground Shadows ON. Textures are seamless and can be used as a merchant resource. If the lights you choose to load into your scene do not point at the floor, simply select the light in your scene and use the rotate parameters to adjust the light downwards - this is for on the floor renders.

One floor prop, 32 Shaders, endless possibilities!

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