SV’s Kandy Iray Hair Shaders


SV's Kandy Iray Hair Shaders.

  • Created from a love of all things "hair", made from real hair scans/photos (not digital hair!)
  • Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Katlyn who had the most gorgeous red hair
  • Not a merchant resource
  • 25 Base Hair Colors
  • 20 Ombre Hair Colors
  • 45 Hair Colors Total
  • 45 Highlight Colors
  • 05 Highlight Size Options
  • 02 Highlight Brightness Options
  • 05 Hair Gloss Options

Kandy Hair Shaders can be applied on *almost* any hair with the vertical mapping, some hairs may not take these shaders properly. Select the hair, select the hair surfaces (all or just some) and apply the hair shaders of your choice. Instruction "Tips" are included in the files so you can access them right from your Daz Studio Library. First select the hair color you want to use, then you can also add highlights, the same colors for the hair are used for the highlight colors, which means 45 Total Hair Colors and 45 Total Hair Highlight Colors. Mix & match!

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