SV’s INTENSITY Extreme Iray Lights


SV's INTENSITY Extreme Iray Lights & Settings

36 Photometric "studio/photo shoot" IRAY lights, utility options, and render settings, designed from the ground up, to bring you a must have set for DAZ Studio IRAY Nvidia - INTENSITY Extreme brings you more DRAMA, brighter settings, more extreme lights to add to your INTENSITY collection!


- 12 Photometric Iray Lights for Environment 01 (Warmer)
- 12 Photometric Iray Lights for Environment 02 (Cooler)
- 12 Photometric Iray Lights for Environment 03 (Neutral)
- 03 HDR Images/Domes
- 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
- 03 Settings for each HDR Image (High, Med, Low) + default
- 03 Render Settings (Fast, Med, Slow)


The renders seen in the promo images have not been altered, I have created this second set of IRAY lights based off of my very own Iray needs, built and tested one by one, thoroughly with hours upon hours of adjustments and rendering in my search for more of the perfect lights, perfect settings, perfect background (dome) images, and once finished we have INTENSITY Extreme Iray Lights & Settings, bringing you 36 MORE photometric quality lights and 03 NEW additional HDR images with adjustment settings! PLUS the same render settings and dome on/off switch from the first set right at your fingertips! The perfect mix and match set that compliments the first INTENSITY set!

Inside this package, along with the 36 photometric lights, you will also find 03 main HDR images, with default plus 03 settings each, the lights are separated into 03 folders with 12 lights each (warmer, cooler, neutral) and the settings to get you started, different levels of INTENSITY for the HDRs, and my very own RENDER SETTINGS. I have included not one, but three render settings to help you in your IRAY rendering.

This is the set to get you on your way to incredible realistic studio lighting!

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