SV’s Cuffed

SV's Cuffed


14 Leather Bracelet/Cuff Smart Props for V4 and a BONUS pair of Angel Wing Earrings!

Whats Included

- 14 Smart Prop Bracelets/Cuffs both left & right for V4
- 01 Matching pair of delicate Angel Wing Earrings for V4

- 04 Real Reflect Metals: Silver, Gold, Dark Silver, Brass
- 04 Shiny Metals in the same colors as above without real reflections

- 06 Bright colored leathers for the bracelets, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
- 06 Dark Colored leathers for the bracelets, Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
- 06 Natural Colored Leathers for the bracelets, Black, Brown, Grey, Scratched/Dirty, Braided Brown, and Braided Black

- 05 "Text" for Bracelet group 10 & Bracelet 12: Believe, Faith, Hope, Love, & "Faith Hope Love"
- 31 Materials Total, metals/colored leather will work on any item in your runtime!

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