Supermarket for Daz Studio


This set contains:

  • Supermarket base model (with dials to open main doors, hide walls, hide signage, hide ceiling)
  • Streetlight
  • Litter Bin
  • Trolley
  • Basket Rack (with dial to hide baskets)
  • Basket (with movable handle)
  • Checkout
  • Cash Register (with opening cash drawer)
  • Fruit & Veg Stand (with dial to hide produce)
  • Shelf#1 Empty
  • Shelf#1 (General Groceries)
  • Shelf#2 (General Groceries, different to above)
  • Shelf#3 Empty
  • Shelf#3 (alcohol)
  • Freezer (with dials to open doors and hide produce)
  • Chair
  • Bread Stand (with dial to hide bread)

Options to load complete scene or individual elements

Lighting Preset

7 Camera Presets

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