Sumo Character, Hair and Outfit for George and Genesis 3 Male


Sumo for George converts George HD and Genesis 3 Male in a Rikishi.The set comes complete with custom hand crafted High Definition Morphs, highly detailed textures from high-res photos, hair, Mawashi Cloth and Bandages.

This product comes with 4 HD Head Morphs with their own normal maps. Additional JCMS are included to improve the bending Legs and Abdomen.

The main texture set includes two Iray Mats. The texture of Torso was made in 6000 x 6000 pixels to give more details.

The George set of clothes were designed for using with the George and George Sumo shapes. The George Mawashi Cloth has additional JCMs to improve bending for poses. Due the size of George the George clothes are only compatible with him.

An additional Bandage and Mawashi Cloth for Genesis 3 Male are included. The Modeling shape of this set of clothes is not exactly the same as the George set.

This product is only available for Iray.

Required Products: George HD for Genesis 3 Male(s)

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