Stranded Whiskers for Genesis 8 Male(s)

Stranded Whiskers for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Laticis Imagery presents Stranded Whiskers for Genesis 8 Male(s). The process of creation has been a little different than the previous Whiskers product.

The main focus was to bring you facial fibermesh with a level of realism, and that meant the ability to produce a salt-and-pepper beard.

The main beard has been constructed with four surface strands. The mustache provided is constructed with two surface strands and is designed to give the main beard some upper thickness when/ if required. I have also provided a filler beard with singular surface strands, it's purpose is to give you loose facial hair that extends past the main beard's parameters while providing underlying facial coverage.

The large range of morphs provided will help you kit-bash, giving you the ability to create a large range of styles.

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